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Parallel 12

Exploring the Contexts of Hong Kong from a Minjung Theological Perspective


Ms. Susan Wing-Shan IP
Professional Doctoral Candidate in Practical Theology

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Theological Federation

Min (the people) and -jung (the public) combine two Chinese characters that mean the oppressed masses. Minjung Theology came out of the struggle of concerned Christians in the 70’s South Korea by the trajectory of socio-political dilemma. The concept of Han is internal sentiment derived from suffering, frustration, and hurt over a lengthy period. This accumulation of such feelings and experiences could be a socially caused situation. The dialectic unification of Han and Dan (to cut off) initiated a group of Biblical and Theology Scholars to emerge their creative Dan to liberate the vicious circle of the Han.


Hong Kong is facing the hardest hit due to the simultaneous sequelae of socio-political and covid-19 pandemic blasts. Hong Kong people generally have fearful subjectivity dissemination across generations, and diaspora has become a pattern since the last century. In the current situation in Hong Kong, families and communities are torn into Diaspora and Stay. Both alternatives have caused a lot of trauma and consequence. Many churches share the same struggle and are incapable of responding.  


This paper investigates the contexts of Hong Kong from the Minjung Theological Perspective to initiate theological reflections on Ecclesial practices.

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