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Interrogating Spiritual Capital in Social Entrepreneurship


Mr. Joseph CHAN

Professional Doctorate Candidate in Practical Theology

Capital is a crucial resource in the creation of wealth and the domination of the redistribution of resources in economic markets. The accumulation of capital has led to the social issue of inequality, where some have too much and others have less or nothing. Traditional economic models focus on maximizing profit and economic growth. Spiritual capital and social entrepreneurship are interconnected. Social enterprise refers to a business model with an objective to achieve both financial and social impact while spiritual capital emphasized the important of values beyond materials. The value based operation of social enterprise is drawn on the spiritual capital to attain the social value. Spiritual capital is a relatively new concept that is gaining traction in discussions around economics, business, and social enterprise. It refers to the spiritual knowledge and practices that individuals and communities possess, which can be harnessed to create social and economic value. This value can be manifested through the redistribution of capital and the reduction of wealth disparities. Overall, the concept of spiritual capital is an important one for those interested in creating positive social change. By harnessing the spiritual knowledge, people work towards building more just and equitable societies, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.  



Joseph Chan is a professional doctorate candidate in practical theology. He also involves in social enterprise activity in Hong Kong including the provision of training and coaching for social entrepreneurs.


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