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The Weapons of the Hong Kongese Aftermath: Experience and Appreciation of Humour is to Retrospect Memory of the Past Trauma and Jesus’s Crucifixion, to Grow and Become Resilient


Ms. Lacey Yee-Lam HO

Master Student of Research in Psychology 

The University of Edinburgh

Objectives: This study sought to investigate what type of humour fits into the Hong Kong context and what Hong Kongese adapted to; to explore the role of humour in Hong Kong as a weapon of the weak to resist power, improve well-being, such as regain hope and humanity by collecting and analysing political satire comics; to reflect on the relationship between humour and theology, specifically to Hong Kong Christian community.


Design: Visual-grounded theory and grounded theory methodology were adopted.


Method: Twenty-five comics published in social media and newspapers were analysed; sixteen 18 to 65 years old Hong Kongese participated in the questionnaire.


Results: This study found that the humour manifested from the satirical comics in Hong Kong retrospect the traumatic memories of Hong Kongese. This sense of humour inspires people to grow and illustrates the resilience of Hong Kong style, which depends on how people process the humour. By theological reflection, it is to suggest that Jesus’s crucifixion is humour from God; God and Jesus as an artist represent a real satirical comic in front of all the humans, the world and devils as the audiences. 


Conclusion: It proposes and encourages Hong Kongese to face and retrospect past traumatic events; the weapon of the weak is to learn to recognise and appreciate the humour of their vulnerability; this creates a turning point for growth, resilience, and seeing the always-existing God’s out-of-expectation plan.


Ho Yee Lam, Lacey is a master's student studying Master by Research in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. Beforehand, she had studied Master of Art in Christian Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lacey believes academic honesty means being loyal, sincere and passionate about her personal life story and academic career.  She is fascinated by integrating positive psychology and theology to seek practical ways to improve the vulnerable lives of the Hong Kongese.


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