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2018 saw the establishment of the Asia Academy of Practical Theology Hong Kong (AAPTHK). It is more than a Hong Kong-based institution; it is an Asian practical theology movement. It has close partnerships with theological institutions and non-governmental organizations in the region, particularly the Divinity School of Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Its extensive international network includes notable practical theology institutions such as the International Academy of Practical Theology, the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology, and the Professional Doctorate Programme offered by the Cambridge Theological Federation. The vision and mission of AAPTHK are outlined below:


We call forth an Asia-wide practical theology movement that transforms Asian countries towards caring and righteous communities in accordance with Asian wisdoms and Christian traditions, and thereby contribute to the global practical theology movement.


We believe that all theology carries a mission to transform humanity according to God’s divine intention, and therein lies the core of practical theology. Our mission is therefore to promote locally in Hong Kong and regionally across Asia a kind of theology and Christian practice that gives primacy to the task of transforming human life in all of its aspects.

In carrying out its mission, AAPTHK will:

  • form partnerships with local Christian bodies to promote theology-practice integration by organizing relevant activities, events, workshops, trainings, and conferences;

  • form partnerships with Christian bodies in other Asian countries to foster the formation of national and regional practical theology academies, and to explore ways of Christian practice and theologizing which take Asian wisdoms and traditions seriously;

  • form partnerships with international bodies to harness intellectual and material resources to encourage the development of inter-cultural practical theologies and Christian caring and righteous practices.

Our Board of Directors

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